Books and stuff

I have an extensive collection of books that I am probably going to be intermittently reading through after tomorrow with the animating I hope to be doing. Hopefully I’ll write about each one after I’ve read it, or maybe make a live-blog of reading some of them. There may be animations to go with my reactions, though they won’t be great unless I get with tablet computers again.

Yep. Just that.


The Origins of “bite me”

I’m interested with the origins of idioms, and whilst what follows isn’t necessarily the origin of the phrase as is used today, it’s an early usage that makes a funny story.


Saint Lorenzo (a.k.a. Lawrence of Rome)

  • Distributed the Church’s wealth to the poor
  • Told the government that the people of the area were the real valuables
  • Got sentenced to death because apparently nobody has a sense of humour.
  • Was barbecued
  • Was reportedly asked if he was roasted yet
  • Responded “this side’s done, you might want to turn me over and take a bite/ bite me”.
  • Obviously, this was also sarcastic because this guy was a riot.

The Boy with the Football


Leaving a small village to return to our camp, this boy was kicking the ball he’s holding around. When it ran rampant, I turned to kick it back to him and this game continued down the track a little while before I managed to snap this. I took a few other pictures like this: profiles of young African boys who, yes, live in those little villages as seen on TV but who aren’t – to their community’s knowledge – impoverished.